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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Music: Lost Michael McDonald Track Reveals New Pornographers Link

New Pornographers had a contest to do a video for them and here's the winner's explanation of just what the hell they were thinking:

Michael McDonald's first music video (and Billboard chart success), "It's Only Divine Right", became the most influential track of the 1970s. His smooth vocal stylings, coupled with guest performances by Kenny Loggins and Christopher Cross, seemed to pave the way for 80s adult contemporary music. Also, the idea of a "music video" was revolutionary in its own right, and McDonald experiments with one of the earliest known instances of product placement. This song was later covered by Canadian powerpop group, The New Pornographers.Another interesting fact: McDonald hasn't replaced the phone featured in this video since it was filmed.

How cool is the result? Pretty damn cool. I'll also point out that the "Michael McDonald" in my tag cloud is getting bigger and bigger:

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