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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Design: Toyota Keeps it i-Real -- That's How They Roll Yo

"Race ya whore-san..."

Toyota unveiled their Professor X -esque i-Real concept at the show that keeps on giving, The Tokyo Motor Show, yesterday. This motorized contrivance/deathtrap can apparently reach speeds of 30 MPH + all while making you look like an invalid supervillian. What they should really do is widen that sucker out for the American market...I can already imagine hordes of these things flying around Midwestern malls piloted by John Goodman and pre-surgery Star Jones look-alikes. Not like that damn Segway -- standing is too much like exercise.

Seriously though, Japan's population is rapidly aging so many of the concepts here have touched on issues of mobility and ease of access without coming right out and saying that this is targeted to an aging and less mobile population. That being said, check out this link to video of the i-Real at driven by an oh so casual and well-dressed Toyota rep. He seems to disdain those of us who merely walk.

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