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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Design: New CIA Terrorist-Buster Logo --So THAT'S What They Look Like!

Thank you Gawker via Wonkette for drawing our attention to the new logo quietly unveiled (heh-heh) on the CIA's website. As seen above it's the new "Terrorist-Buster" logo. No this is not a joke. At least not intentionally. So uh, what does this product of our tax dollars have to say about, you know terrorists and stuff? First of all they are really really Hershey's Special Dark dark. Or they wear ski masks and dress like goth mimes. Secondly, they enjoy waving their automatic weapons around almost as if to mock our own freedom-loving NRA members. They also favor shadowing techniques that make their rifles appear to be bayonets. Don't be fooled! Consider yourself warned! Also...can I get that as a cloisonne pin?

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