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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Politics: Hoyer -- Immunity For Telecoms on the Table

Steny Hoyer tests the political winds...but is he too cautious by half?

Top House Dem Steny Hoyer of Maryland said today that Democrats would "consider" what President Bush and his telecom cronies want desperately : immunity from prosecution. It is now clear that major telecom companies in the United States broke the law at the behest of the Bush administration and spied illegally on Americans. We still do not know the extent of the illegal activity -- nor will we ever if the freedom haters in the White House have their way. House Majority leader Hoyer points out reasonably ""We have not received documentation as to what in fact was done, for which we've been asked to give immunity..." Today the President made clear that no such documentation will be forthcoming. Democrats should hold the line and send this bill (with or without telecom immunity) to the dustbin where it belongs.

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