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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Design: My Cats Would SO Not Go For This

"There better be kibble at the end of this..."

How much would you pay to have your dog look like a cross between a messenger bag and a hazmat worker? What if I told you the coat is loaded with first aid in event of an earthquake? This could be yours for a mere 50,000 yen and it was one of the key exhibits at this year's Tokyo Security and Safety Trade Expo. The Sidereal Co. Ltd calls this their "rescue jacket for pets" and it's designed to recruit your furry companion animal into saving your life. The company claims that this is appropriate for dogs or cats but the dog-only demo speaks volumes about the target audience. You'll be breaking into the Bactine early if you try getting your cat into that get-up. No word on whether there is a built-in pee-hole for Scraps or Tiger to take advantage of while they wait at your feet for the next Al Queda attack.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My cats would sooo go for this!