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Thursday, October 11, 2007

According To My Wife: Of The Brothers Wilson, Andrew is Handsomest

The Wilson Brothers

This post is the first in a new feature here at POS(AS), According To My Wife, in which the musings and insights of my beautiful wife Tracy are faithfully shared with my tens of readers.
Last night my beloved turned to me and thrust a copy of Star Magazine in front of my face.
Her delicate finger was placed on a photo of the Wilson brothers: troubled Owen, brunette Luke, and the heretofore unknown to me Andrew.

"Andrew", she said,"is the handsomest of the Wilson brothers."

I inspected the photo. Next to Owen's penile proboscis and Luke's spud-shaped skull was a specimen of manliness that was near-perfect in visage. Andrew, the oldest Wilson brother, may only have played roles like Coach Beck in Rushmore and gladiator Beef Supreme in Idiocracy but he's more than just another Clint Howard. Hunky, hirsute Andrew is ready to step out on his own, having directed Luke in 2005's The Wendell Baker Story. More to the point, his bearded, Kris Kristoffersson meets Patrick Swayze look beats his brothers hands down. According to my wife.

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