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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Design: Tokyo Motor Show -- Mazda's Taiki Concept Channels Inspiration

Mazda has had quite a series of concept designs this year, and they top it off with the superb Taiki -- one of the best displays of pure design seen on the show circuit so far.

The three blades in the wide front opening seem to flow behind the exaggerated front wheel arch to become "channels", which trace out into V-shapes at the end, just like sand at the beach. Those front fender forms are sensuous as are the turned blades of the front grille, which are echoed in the aforementioned blades to either side of the grille and the blades of the wheels.

The rear view is stunning, the folded bodywork seems to envelop the rear wheels and the effect is of a manta ray or some other sea creature. The teardrop shape of the glasshouse is emphasized by the two-tone color-scheme that lifts at the shoulders, flowing into the dip in the middle of the back section. That dip is echoed in the lower lip at the back which appears to be attached to the chassis. The taillights are presumably sandwiched between the folded upper and lower forms of the rear end.

Similarly, the headlamps appear to be ultra-low profile and wedged into the slot between the top blade and the hood. Mazda will be releasing more info on this design exercise as we get closer to its official unveiling at the upcoming Tokyo show but it can be said for certain that they have one of the top design teams in the industry right now. To see better high res images click here.

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