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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Interwebs: Fun With Babelfish, Not Like This Verfluchte Segway

I was pleased to see my posting on Toyota's i-Real had been picked up with attribution by German site Automotive Classics . Even more exciting to me was that the post had been lovingly translated into flawless German (see here). Not being able to leave well enough alone, I felt compelled to re-translate the translation back into English using Babelfish which created the fractured tone-prose you see below. Enjoy, if you must!

Planet of the clay/tone (and the sight): Design: Toyota keeps it I material -- that is, as they roll Yo

"running ya DirneSan..."

Toyota presented its professor X -esque I-material concept at the appearance, which holds on giving, the Tokyo motor show, yesterday. This motorized contrivance/deathtrap can apparent reach speeds of 30 MPH all with forming you to look like invalids supervillian. Which they should do really to be supposed to this Sauger for the American market to widen out..., which I can already present to hordes/hurdles of these things me, which around those of the middle west Malle fly, which is forwards steered by John Goodman and - surgery star Jones viewof alikes. Not like this verfluchte Segway -- standing is too much like exercise.Seriously, population of Japan ages fast, therefore many of the concepts touched themselves out here on expenditures saying of mobility and Muehelosigkeit of the entrance without coming right and that this to aging and to less mobile population one aims. That being means, from this connection to the screen of the I-material at the Jalopnik comexamine you, which by a OH- is thus driven casual and good-dressed Toyota representative. He seems to despise from us to which go only.I found source articles ubersetzt to the German.

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