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Friday, October 12, 2007

Politics: Gore, U.N. Share Peace Prize

Al Gore signals what direction global temperatures will take in the coming century...

President-elect and current non-candidate Al Gore shared the Nobel Peace Prize yesterday with the United Nation's climate change panel. No word yet on the climate change panel's plans for 2008 but it still looks as if the Goreacle will sit the next election out. There are good reasons why:

1) The cash race has started earlier than ever and even though Gore could raise a ton he'd be playing catch up.

2) The climate change alarm still isn't at critical proportions. Hitler had to roll through most of Europe before the British political class turned to Churchill and sadly we'll probably have to suffer through more radical climactic change for the country to turn it's eyes to Gore.

3) He has had more influence outside of Washington than he had inside -- why would he want to go back? The minute he becomes a candidate all the good press goes away and the knives come out.

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