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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Music: The Four-wheeling Bob Dylan

Young Bob tries out an alternate pitch for new client Cadillac...

Fresh from shilling for Victoria's Secret spokesinger Bob Dylan is lending his unique brand identity to carmaker Cadillac. Though I would have figured the term "threeway" would have been applicable to his earlier deal it does in fact describe the new tie-up between XM Satellite radio, the man who got the Beatles stoned, and the car my grandparents drove. Dylan will play and discuss Caddy-themed songs during his acclaimed Theme Time Radio Hour on XM, Cadillac will feature Dylan in a new wave of advertising rolling out for the multiple zip-code sized Escalade SUV and the aforementioned land yacht will come standard with XM satellite radio standard... on which listeners can tune into Dylan's radio show and restart the entire cycle of circle-jerkery anew. Here's the ad which I believe uses a song from Smog, appropriately enough. Also note that Bob passes several tankers (one on a truck and a few on a train) which approximate the amount of gas the behemoth Escalade uses in an average journey.

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