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Friday, October 26, 2007

Music: Old Tech, Meet New Tech

Rocking my "I want this right now" button is the plusdeckEX. This despite the fact that it converts music from one crappy-sounding medium to another one. I do love me my mix tapes though, and this super cool looking cube will convert that "What if Sandanista! was a single-disc LP" Maxell XL-II S into MP3's for me. The bad news is it won't be available until January and no price has been set yet. plusdeck -- explain yourself!

"plusdeckEX can create quality audio the way you want it to be and for any purpose. For example, plusdeckEX is useful for language study materials. After language study materials from cassette tapes, radio programs and Internet broadcasting are converted into digital files, they can be edited using the software provided. More specifically, they can be mixed, copied, played back and slowed down to optimize their use. Also, the edited files can be stored on CDs, the Internet or cassette tapes for later use. Additionally, the files can be uploaded to the Internet or transferred to the MP3 player for portable and personal use."

Yes, I'll be editing and burning"language study materials." Uh huh yup.

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