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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Design: SEMA 2007 -- Reinventing the Wheel

Four wheels and nothing on...

The Specialty Equipment Manufacturing show which opened in Las Vegas this week had its usual share of crazy Chevelles, chopped Hummers etc. But the simple wheel was in for some serious attention. Ever want to show the guy at the stoplight next to you your favorite Daily Show highlight or Who's The Boss blooper reel? Well now you can with LED Wheels, the latest in ridiculously stupid bling. Embedded in each hub is a super-thin LED screen that stays motionless while the wheel rotates around it. Of course the advertisers already have their mitts into it (see vid below) but we all know that this will be the next stop for home sex tapes after the interwebs.

If the prospect of seeing anything you could imagine on your wheels is overwhelming, how about seeing nothing?

I suspect GM design's legendary and long-dead Bill Mitchell never imagined his beloved early 70's Buick Riviera "boattail" design painted electric green and emblazoned with the name "Donkey Frog" on either side. Still I think what would draw him closer would be the monster 30-inch plus(!) clear rims. See-through is so much cooler when there' so much to see through.

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