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Friday, November 30, 2007

Design: Freaked Out By Robots Friday -- Sanrio in Fembot Frenzy

Sanrio, perpetrators of Hello Kitty, have decided that infantalizing young women with Hello Kitty handbags and accessories doesn't push their world domination plans far enough. They are also building a line of supremely creepy female robots through their Kokoro division. Kokoro is apparently Japanese for "Seriously, please don't stick your penis in the robot, ok?" First up we have Actroid, an awfully chatty robot receptionist who is like Pam from the office after a Stepford Wives style lobotomy.

Freaked out yet? You will be by Simroid -- the dental simulation robot. Rather than fiddle with a human volunteer Japanese dental trainees can bang their tools around Simroids robotic mouth. She even has a gag reflex! Best of all, she doesn't file a lawsuit when she comes out from under the gas and her blouse is mis-buttoned. Here's some disturbing video of Simroid showing her...I mean it's, IT'S, range of facial movements:

All of Kokoro's fembots are available for rental (bachelor parties?) and are described by the company as,"Elegant, feminine, and lively at all times…" More to the point, they suggest "You are attracted by her girlish gestures!"
Perhaps this image from the website says it all: "She is robot working girl." Indeed.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I saw the Kokoro Actroid robot in real life at last year's Wired NextFest. Super freaky!

Here's a clip.