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Friday, November 23, 2007

Music: My Bloody Valentine Plan to "Do a Radiohead"

My Bloody Valentine: "Pay what you bloody choose? Piss off!"

Billboard reports that legendary shoegazing noise droners My Bloody Valentine plan on issuing their first new album since 1991's classic Loveless via the series of tubes we like to call the Internet. Their manager Vinita Joshi refers to this as "Do(ing) a Radiohead..." though unlike Radiohead's recent Internet release MBV will not allow users to name their price, clever bastards. Also they plan on simultaneously issuing the album on vinyl for extra snob points. Meanwhile no word yet on rumoured U.S. dates for their reunion tour. Having seen them in 1992 I can only say bring earplugs and yes, they are amazing live. 15 grinding, squalling, beautiful minutes of "You Made Me Realize" is still echoing in my head lo these many years later...

Here's the video from "Only Shallow" from 1991:

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