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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Music: Electrelane Glide Off Into That Hazy Place Known as Indefinite Hiatus

Electrelane: Watch out for that chandelier

Awesomely cool all-femme brit band Electrelane has decided to call it quits for now. In a statement on their website they write: "We have decided that the upcoming gigs will be our last for the foreseeable future. After ten years of much fun and hard work, we have realised that we all need a break and time to do other things. This was a tough decision for us to make, but ultimately a positive one."

One of the most interesting purveyors of Krautrock influenced indie rock, Electrelane married hypnotic rhythms with endearing vocals and imaginative arrangements over the course of four albums, two of which were recorded by legendary engineer Steve Albini. No Shouts No Calls, which was released earlier this year, may be their best and most accessible.

Here they are live kicking the stuffing out of Bruce Springsteen's classic "I'm on Fire" :

And here's "To The East" from their latest album:

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