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Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Interwebs: MST3K Alums Raise Cinematic Titanic

Crow, Joel, and Tom Servo

Ah college. Beer, bongs, beerbongs, and a nascent cable channel called Comedy Channel, soon to become Comedy Central. And the occasional class. We would sit around the dorm lounge and watch Mystery Science Theatre 3000 -- a ridiculous show starring Joel Hodgson as a man stranded in space with two robots and forced to watch awful b-movies (at best) by mad scientists in an attempt to break his spirit. The premise was just an excuse to show cheap broadcast fee cinematic dreck like Manos: The Hands of Fate and include the kind of riffing commentary that a bunch of hyper-smart cinema nerds would do at home.

Now comes word that creator/riffmaster Joel Hodgson, who left MST3K at the height of its popularity in 1993, is back with a number of show alum and aiming to unveil what's ominously referred to on their website Cinematic Titanic as "a new movie riffing delivery system". What this is and what the films will be are still unknown but check out the site to see how Joel looks now and keep watching to anticipate future goodness.

In the meantime here is a classic clip of Joel and the 'Bots tearing apart a short film called Mr. B Natural .

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