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Monday, November 19, 2007

Design: Faurecia Czechs Out a Classic

French auto parts supplier Faurecia shamed the rest of a pretty blah field at this year's Los Angeles car show with their re-imagining of a classic Czech car design - the Tatra 602 of the 1960's and 70's. The Tatra was an iron curtain gem -- the Czechs had the most advanced design and production capabilities of the Soviet Bloc. The new concept version is called the Premium Attitude -- something I've experienced at a number of fine restaurants.

Check out the amazing asymmetrical detail work on the grille flanked by modern multi-ringed headlamps. (pic from

Though the original was rear engined (with a swing axle -- the same combo that made Chevy's Corvair into a Ralph Nader calling card) this version moves the engine to the front, freeing the rear open up with a unique sliding action. (pic below is also from

I love the split rear window...lousy to look through but great to look at...

Here is a promo animation from Faurecia on the Premium Attitude.

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