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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Design: Japan Pioneers Robot Goat Trashcan

This noble/hideous and suspiciously satanic device is obviously a Japanese boat race gambling-ticket devouring robotic goat -- duh! What else could it possibly be? The folks at report that it can consume 500 gambling tickets a day (all losers natch) at Tokyo's Edogawa Kyotei boat race course all of which go right into it's cute/terrifying little goatbelly to be recycled. They further describe it as a "1.6-meter tall Rocky Mountain goat, which has a thick coat of white fur and ticket-detecting sensors in its mouth."

"It eats up your frustrations so that you will have better luck with the next race," says someone identified only as "The Goatkeeper" by way of explanation. No word on who cleans up the robot paper goat pellets.

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