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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Music: This Week's New Releases

Jay-Z shows off this weeks colors

Busy executive on the go Jay-Z knows how to stay relevant. Perhaps soon to step aside Time Warner head honcho Richard Parsons and Merrill Lynch's former CEO Stanley O'Neal (still sporting fresh tire tracks on his back) could learn from their fellow CEO of color Jay-Z how to hang on to the top job. Rap about the old days of slinging bags and popping caps. American Gangster, the soundtrack to the oh-so-very serious Denzel Washington/Russel Crowe Shaft Goes to The Oscars-esque film of the same name, is getting the comeback hype that Jay's last album squelched. The diff? He's rapping about drug dealing again rather than being rich and having it made as the head of Def Jam records. The market has spoken!

Meanwhile Grizzly Bear's Friend EP has the Pitchfork set all in a tizzy despite being a bunch of remixes and alternate versions of already seen stuff. But CSS slides a cover on in there and you know that's gonna be good.

Sigur Ros's new one Hvarf/Heim has a name that sounds like the sound my cats make when they have a nasty hairball. Other than that I'm sure they will bring the icy coolness to autumn as per usual.

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