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Monday, September 10, 2007


Britney -- rootsy of wig and meaty of bone: "You fellas shtay close..."

I didn't watch the MTV Video Music Awards. See, I figure if they won't play videos why should I watch their awards show. What expertise could they possibly have in this arena anymore? What are they -- YouTube? At this point MTV giving out awards for music videos is like ESPN giving out awards for architectural merit. That being said, news was made -- of the trashy and utterly ephemeral type. So far the round-up of reviews seems to be:

1) Britney stank. If you can't sing, at least learn to lip sync. More uncharitable have been the comments about her body. I think she actually looks good with a little tummy and if her "performance" wasn't so discombobulated she might have actually done some good for the ridiculous body image strictures that get shoved down people's throats. See the video while it lasts here .

2) Tommy Lee and Kid Rock had some sort of fight. It's not clear to me if this was over inflatable sex doll doppelganger Pamela Anderson, whether Mr. Lee or Mr. Rock has the more irrelevant career, or who has worse hygiene.

3) Kanye West is a big baby. He once again went on a verbal bender, this time against MTV and his loss in all five categories he was nominated in. Lighten up Kanye -- no-one takes these "awards" seriously.

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