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Thursday, September 6, 2007

TV/ DVD Review: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Shines

Danny DeVito recites lines from Ethan Hawke's poetry to Charlie Day

Basic-Cable channel FX has made a fetish of edgy dramas like The Shield and Rescue Me. Perhaps this has been a detriment to one of the few comedies they've tried, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia . Despite being one of the funniest shows on television it continues to have a profile lower than the average hour of C-Span. Fox Video has just released Seasons 1 and 2 together on DVD and believe me, now is the time to catch up with this hilarious boundary tweaking program. That way you'll be ready for the third season premiere on FX, Thursday September 13 at 10PM.
Like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, and Arrested Development, It's Always... feels like the humor that comes out of a conversation with close friends, when you push a situation beyond what you would want someone else to overhear. This makes sense since the evil geniuses behind It's Always... are three old friends Rob McElhenny, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton. The three star in, write and produce every show. They are joined in front of the camera by the very talented Kaitlin Olson, who plays Sweet Dee. For Season 2, the show scored a major coup by bringing Danny DeVito aboard to play Howerton and Olson's father. The cast is impeccable, with perfect timing and delivery. Here's a scene from Season 2:

The DVD has some good extras but only includes snippets from the pilot that was reputed to cost less than $400. You do get to see Olson's audition tape and hear some good behind the scenes info. Overall this is a great way to see a great show, and I highly recommend this set.
Five out of five Philly cheesesteaks:

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