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Monday, September 17, 2007

TV News: The Emmys

By now you probably know who all the winners of last nights Emmys were. I was unable to watch the show live last night as my cable was out though it's a show that is usually second in pointless silliness only to MTV's VMAs. Every year the batch of nominations is announced and duly trashed and then out of the poor grab bag of nominees some decent and deserving winners are spread amongst the nominated shows. This year was no different. I used to feel that if a show or creator on a show was nominated one year that they should not be allowed to be nominated for the same exact category and same show/performance the following year. The argument against this is that an actor or show could have a particularly strong year after having been nominated the year before and how would we recognize this. My reply is, nominate one of the other actors or writers who may be eligible. Perhaps winners shouldn't be allowed repeat noms? Either way I think it would broaden the parochial nature of a group that nominates the same shows and actors again and again to the detriment of shows like The Wire or Gilmore Girls. Also, there ought to be a best ensemble award for dramas and comedies. Shows like The Office or The Sopranos are a collection of several fine performances and it seems unfair to nominate a few of what is usually a fine overall cast.

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