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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Train Wreck News: Courtney Love Perfume Mogul? May We Suggest Flopsweat as a Name?

One of these two people is Courtney Love.

Courtney Love seems to have some serious L.A.M.B. envy, musing about starting a clothing line and a perfume brand to the folks at BANG Showbiz. It's hard to imagine a woman who seems to have had all the pores in her face fused shut shilling for perfume but there it is. Even better is her re-invention (no. 23 in a series) as a Beverly Hills soccer mom. "I know how to play the game now. I have to navigate the system, follow the rules and stop being a rebel. I can't afford to be a 43-year-old rebel." Nor can she afford decent plastic surgery, evidently. God forbid she and Kathy Griffin show up at a party together and realize they are wearing the same face...

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