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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Art: The Art of Joseph

Detail from One of Joseph's "NY Cenes"

My wife has a great eye, especially for unexpected gems. Since 2003 she has been collecting the work of Joseph, an artist who lives in New York and can usually be found working freehand in subway stations. He has a number of themes and motifs that he returns to: looping trains, alien saucer attacks, streetlights, all in his distinctive style. Among the Joseph pieces we have hanging is a rare one that includes a battery powered light-up element. Here is a link to Joseph's MySpace page which has great information on him and images of his work. Many of his pieces are done on scraps of paper which he sometimes mounts on cardboard. His vivid colors are a hallmark of his style, though last night my wife and I saw Joseph and bought a new NY Cene (similar to the one above) that was totally black and white.

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