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Monday, September 17, 2007

TV: Brett Somers Dies -- God Completing Home Version of Match Game -- Watch Out Betty White!

Actress/comedienne Brett Somers died at her home in Connecticut Saturday of cancer. She was 83. Somers is best known for her cackling, caustic appearances on the classic TV game show Match Game in the 1970's where she would trade barbs with Charles Nelson Reilly, Betty White and Richard Dawson. Somers was married to actor Jack Klugman in 1953 and though they never divorced they separated in 1974. They were divorced on television however when she played the recurring character of Oscar Madison's ex-wife on Klugman's sitcom The Odd Couple. Match Game is still one of the most popular reruns on The Game Show Network and Somers is a good reason why. The boozy breezy camaraderie between the stars takes precedence over the silly "game" and the point of the show is merely to hang out with them and revel in their back and forthing. Somer's a self-described bohemian, will be missed.

Here's a CBS morning show appearance from 2002 with Brett and the late, great Charles Nelson Reilly.

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