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Monday, September 10, 2007

Television Review: HBO's Tell Me You Love Me -- Adult Drama, With the Emphasis on Adult

Tim DeKay examines Ally Walker's ear for hidden coins...

Give HBO credit for taking chances on concepts that would send most TV executives running in the opposite direction -- John From Cincinnati anyone? Tell Me You Love Me is definitely the first show I've seen outside of the scrambled channels that featured testicles, and not just a glimpse! And therein lies the promise and the peril of the show. The copious graphic lovemaking threatens to overshadow the very fine acting and writing as we watch three couples (four if you count therapist Jane Alexander and her husband) grapple with their relationship issues. The excellent cast is toplined by the aforementioned Alexander along with Ally Walker, who plays one half of a sexless married couple with Tim DeKay. Sonya Walger (Penny from Lost -- bad news Desmond!) and husband Adam Scott are trying to conceive -- their storyline is rich with unsaid undercurrents as they lie to their therapist, their families and themselves about what they really feel. Newly engaged couple Luke Farrell Kirby and Michelle Borth are wrestling with the meaning of commitment while using sex to short circuit talk. The issues they deal with are as raw as the sex and for the most part the lovemaking seems to be integrated into the storytelling rather than a reminder to HBO's viewers that they are watching pay television. It will be interesting to see how the show evolves and if they can get past the "Wow is she actually giving him a handjob??" factor. For now this is a solidly watchable show with a great deal of promise. Tell Me You Love Me gets four out of five condoms:

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Michelle Borth, a star of "Tell Me You Love Me," talks about the show in this audio interview.