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Friday, September 7, 2007

TV: To Catch To Catch a Predator?

Chris Hansen: "What kind of a man brings K-Y Jelly to a Church Social?"

The New York Daily News reports today that ABC News' 20/20 will be doing an expose of Dateline NBC's pedophile takedown circus To Catch a Predator tonight at 10PM. Here's a sample scene:

Young-ish looking pedophile-bait opens door to suburban house to creepy Mustachioed Man. She tells Mustache Man to have a seat while she goes to get some lemonade for them.

She disappears into the house as Dateline's Chris Hanson emerges with his trademark swagger. He stops in his tracks as he sees the Mustache Man..."John Stossel?? What are you doing here?" For the Mustache Man is in fact 20/20's John Stossel.

Stossel replies,"The question is, what are you doing here?"

Hansen blusters, "Well I'm catching a predator of course.." He consults his sheaf of papers. "Is your screen name 'kidlovr69'?"

Stossel says,"Yeah, is your screen name 'lollipopgirl13'?"

I know I'd be tuning in...if the picture tube on my TV hadn't blown out last night.

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