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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Music: Chart Beat -- Early Returns from The Precincts

Kanye and Cruise mistake the VMAs for the V-Jay Jays

Last night I was at the 14th Street Virgin megastore in New York City where Kanye West had a line waiting around the megablock for his signature on their copies of his new CD, Graduation. It seems like the relentless prom-ing, tantrum throwing and magazine cover-ing will payoff as the music industry gurus at Billboard are projecting Kanye to take the top slot on the chart next week. Meanwhile 50 Cent and Kenny Chesney are running neck-and-neck for number two. 50 Cent has said that he'll retire as a solo artist if he loses the top spot to West so he should be looking for a nice gated community in Florida right about now. No word yet on how the new dirty Projectors album is doing however. The best part of the article is when Billboard's researcher queried a "Northeast urban-oriented store" as to why their sales for both albums seemed a bit light for the first day. Replied the store, ""Of course, you realize Sept. 11 wasn't the release date in my store..."

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