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Monday, September 24, 2007

Music News: Westerberg Chats about Songs -- Next Up: Frank Black Francis, Aimee Mann

Paul Westerberg: Sometimes a guitar is just a guitar...

Billboard reports that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's interview series The Craft (not to be confused with the film about teenage witches in catholic school girl uniforms) just finished up a great session with Paul Westerberg where he talked about solo and Replacements work and played ten songs. There are some great nuggets at the Billboard link above so definitely check it out. Elvis Costello, Ben Gibbard, Patty Griffin, Jim James from My Morning Jacket have all been taped and Pixies frontman Black Francis aka Frank Black and Aimee Mann are due up next. Unfortunately one has to go the Rock Hall itself to checkout the full interviews but short versions can be seen here. Former Del Fuego Warren Zanes conducts the interviews.

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