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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Politics: O'Reilly -- Blacks Eat Just Like The Rest of Us!

Bill O'Reilly: Shocked at absence of, B----,, etc...

CNN reports that regular guy and Fox News talking head Bill O'Reilly was surprised to find patrons of Sylvia's in Harlem (where the fried chicken is fantastic -- I've had it) didn't carry on and say "M.F. er". Of course until I saw the story on CNN I'd never heard anyone say "". Either way, O'Reilly seems to feel that this astonishing bit of news actually stems from his enlightenment as a human being and not from his utter stupidity. Dan Froomkin at The Washington Post draws the connection between O'Reilly's boneheaded comments and his pal Juan Williams. Williams was asked, by special request of The White House, to interview the President about race. His employer NPR declined as they have been attempting to have a reporter of their choosing, preferably an anchor, interview Bush (Williams already has). The goodhearted folks at Fox made sure that Williams and the Pres got their sit-down. For a baseball guy the President sure enjoys softballs, and that's all Williams was pitching.

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