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Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Rampant Joke Stealing! This Time Colbert is Caught

Colbert: Joke Theif or Plain Ol' Sexy American?

CNN reports that Air America morning host Cenk Uygur is claiming that Steven Colbert stole his joke about Republicans sounding like Klingons. Hmmm... kind of like what New York Magazine did to me! Here is Uygur's full charge below via YouTube. To be fair, Colbert's was funnier (while I was much cleverer than New York Magazine).


Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit, Steven Colbert's the man!

pwnd said...

You're asking what the possibility of you AND Colbert's writers being big enough nerds to think of Klingons when people say honor too much? I don't think it's that slim, buddy. Chill out.

Admin said...

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