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Monday, September 24, 2007

Veepstakes Underway!

Wes Clark theorizes on how wide a "wide stance" is...

Things are looking good for Hillary Clinton -- up in the polls, on 5 of the Sunday gabfests without a gaffe, her health care plan is being taken seriously. The only bad news is the Republicans seem to be as excited as she is to have her as the nominee. President Bush, once again wired into his Rovian brain, predicted a Hilary win this weekend. The good news is, this guy also predicted a Republican House and Senate in 2006 and a quick victory in Iraq.

So now Team Hillary can start the process of trotting out VP picks. Look carefully at her recent string of endorsements: Vilsack, Bayh, and Wes Clark. All three of these guys have to be considered front-runners, more so than Obama or any of her other primary opponents. My money is on Clark. I saw them in a surprise joint appearance last week and Clark really brings the right kind of balance to the ticket. He made a football quarterback analogy when asked about General Petraeus (the quarterback doesn't say it can't be done even when the score is 20-0) that may have made a bunch of liberal New Yorkers eyes glaze. For voters who aren't sure about Hillary however, here is a way of viewing the world that they can feel comfortable with. His military experience helps to shore up her perceived weakness in relating to the armed forces and is directly relevant to the war in Iraq. You heard it here first!

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