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Monday, September 10, 2007

Music News: This Weeks New Releases

Black Francis: "Uh hello...the elevators stuck..."

Al Queda aren't the only ones banking on September 11th to get some attention with a new release. This week sees a plethora, headlined by the much hyped Blur Versus Oasis 1995-esque matchup that is 50 Cent Vs. Kanye West (in this scenario 50 is the more popular but inevitably less interesting Oasis and Kanye is the bold, artsy, riding for a fall Blur -- see this Wikipedia entry for more info).

Sensitive folks who spell women with a "y" and those who love them will appreciate the double disc Ani DiFranco retrospective Canon.

The inimitable Frank Black reverts back to his Pixies moniker Black Francis for the rocking Bluefinger , a semi-concept album about Dutch artist and musician Herman Brood.

Shout Out Louds and Hot Hot Heat have new albums as well.

Cursive's Tim Kasher weighs in with his other band, The Good Life and their new album, the suggestively titled Help Wanted Nights.

Black Lips quote the heavenly Shangri-La's for the title of their new one, Good Bad but Not Evil, which has been getting good pre-release buzz.

Finally the Go! Team follow-up their infectious debut with Proof of Youth.

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