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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

TV: The Sweet, Sticky Curse of Gilligan's Island

Gilligan and Mary-Anne check out the Professor's kind bud

Of all the characters on Gilligan's Island who I could picture getting stoned, naive man-child Gilligan and sweet girl-next-door Mary-Anne are at the bottom of the list. Now the Professor sure, but mainly for experimental purposes. Ginger? Hell yeah, probably while partying with Bobby Kennedy. The Skipper not so much, he comes off as more of a boozer. The Howell's? You know how the rich do it -- pill-poppin' all the way.

The point is that sweet Mary-Anne, or Dawn Wells as she's known in the flash-forward we like to call real life, has been busted for driving around with weed in her car. She joins the late Bob "Gilligan" Denver who had his own run-ins with Johnny Law over the wacky tobacky.

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