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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Design: Wood Worshippers Morgan Go Hydrogen with LIFECar

British boutique car company Morgan, of the 40 year heritage, long waiting lists, and wood chassis, introduced the stunning hydrogen powered LIFECar concept at the Geneva show this week. They could be accused of...ahem...not seeing the forest for the tress considering their historically extensive use of wood but this represents a big leap forward for the companies environmental standing.

More to the point is the swoopy retro-futurist bodywork. The proportions are typically Morgan: 30s style long hood with external fenders but the art deco execution is reminiscent of coachbuilt French beauties of the interwar period. The beautiful brushed aluminum wheel covers are a nod to land speed record vehicles.

The detailing on the headlights is perfect, as is the relationship between the simple forms of the roof, the fenders, and the grille. The LIFECar is all about the majesty of proportion.

Inside Morgan indulges it's wood lust with an alluring mix of aluminum and leather as well as dead, polished luxuriant treeskin.

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