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Friday, March 21, 2008

Music Non News: Michael Stipe Queer -- and He's Gay Too

R.E.M.'s mumbly frontman Michael Stipe has been pretty much publicly gay since the mid-90s and yet People Magazine and others seem to think this is news. Whatever, is this any way to promote a new album? The enigmatic non-emoter is out in front of R.E.M.'s new one Accelerate which has been officially anointed as a return to the band's sound circa the sexually ambiguous days of the mid to late eighties. Whatever his orientation, a lot of what made him interesting as a personality was his mysteriousness. It's like when Bowie went straight. But not so much like Peter Buck.

Anyhow, People's lateness to this non-story is hardly a shock, they've been late on the scene scores of times. Just check out this picture that accompanied their 1976 profile on Paul Lynde -- altogether now -- AHEM!

Here's the cover :

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Anonymous said...

watch the video on it's a joke. stipe announces his bandmates are straight. everybody is in on the joke but you.