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Friday, March 7, 2008

Culture: The Moustache -- Nine 'Staches That Ruled

This was a good year for the facial hair accessory known as the moustache, at least in pop culture terms. Josh Brolin sported a nice model in No Country For Old Men and Daniel Day Lewis had a beautiful lip blanket in There Will Be Blood. Here, presented for your approval, are some of the finest moustaches in pop culture:

1) Tom Selleck
Selleck's lip always looks oddly exposed without this world-class brushlike jobby. This mustache took him from underwear ads to Magnum P.I.

2) Burt Reynolds
I know there is a lot of hair to sort through in this illustration but let's focus on the patch between his upper lip and nose. That's the patch that made him a star.

3) Pat Harrington
Harrington was America's vaguely creepy boundaryless handyman on TV's One Day at a Time . His moustache conveyed the seedyness that led him to constantly use his passkey to enter the Romano's apartment.

4) Rip Taylor

5) Salvador Dali
Dali's natty gravity-defying number announced to the world that a surrealist was no doubt attached to it by the roots.

6) Sam Elliot
This neo-cockduster is almost always employed to western effect by Elliot making him the first choice to play a cowboy, a guy from the west, or a guy from the west who is a cowboy.

7) Frida Kahlo
Attention is usually focused on the artist's famous unibrow but her fine dark dusting of hair on her upper lip ought not to be dismissed.

8) William Powell
This moustache reeks of aristocratic cool -- and cigarette smoke.

9) Evil Twins
Duh! Crumbcatcher is optional...

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