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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Music: New Release Tuesday

The Raconteurs are voting for McKinley this year...

Those rascally Raconteurs rush release their new one, Consolers of The Lonely today. Naughty iTunes spoiled the retro unheard release fun by accidentally offering downloads over the weekend. Here's the video evidence, a new song called "Salute Your Solution":

The B-52's are all "Mwahh hah hah hah we're not dead fool!" with new release Funplex. Here's a fan video for the song "Funplex":

Reformed drug enthusiast Evan Dando delivers a remastered deluxe edition of his band The Lemonheads' most beloved album, It's a Shame About Ray. Check him out at the height of his indie-Fabio-ness in the "My Drug Buddy" video:

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