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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Design: New York Auto Show -- Hyundai Smokes Out its New Genesis Coupe

Wheeeee! Hyundai treated us journalists to a life and underwear changing experience as two stuntwomen drove the new Genesis coupe into the limited confines of the Javits Center, tires squealing. The cars were flung about with abandon, and several times seemed to be making a beeline for the press stands.
The cars themselves are quite handsome, with a distinctive dropped rear quarter window and parallel side accent lines. Though just short of stunning they do offer a stylistic alternative to other big V8 powered rear wheel drive coupes like the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger. It's most reminiscent of an inflated last-gen Acura coupe with just a touch of BMW 6-series.
I was still hiding under the bleachers when the flashpots went off so I missed a shot of the flames shooting up. I can tell you that the Javits Hall immediately began to fill up with smoke and not a few journalists were reduced to hacking and eye-rubbing. I of course always carry a gas mask with me.
Check out the vid below for the full madness of this debut stunt, the high pitched girlish screaming is coming from me:

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