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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Design: New York Auto Show -- Nissan Denki Cube

Planet of Sight and Sound are lucky enough to be at the New York Auto Show this year so expect lots of neat stuff today and tomorrow.

Nissan's Cube is already on it's second generation in Japan, and the Denki Cube unveiled at this year's New York Auto show is a perforated and tweaked version of the production model with the added distinction of a lithium ion battery. So just like your laptop, the Denki plugs in at night to recharge. Just check out the mini-lightning inside the cool ionized headlight pupils above. Nissan also announced that the next Cube will definitely be coming stateside.
The production Cube is already a lot more interesting than the closest relevant models in the United States market, Scion's xB and Honda's Fit so I applaud Nissan in bringing the next-gen over.

The interior is bright enough to require sunglasses but it's smooth modernity is refreshing. In the C-Pillar below you can see that this cool box comes with it's own "cool box" ... a mini fridge.

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