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Monday, March 10, 2008

Culture: Spitzer ?! I Hardly Knew Her ! Spitz Supporters in Fits Over Prostie Blitz, Impending Crix

There was a time when New Yorkers could look forward to the latest impending scandal with the glee that only Rupert Murdoch's New York Post, and more specifically it's outrageous headlines, would bring. Today The New York Times breaks the story online that embattled Governor Spitzer has been "involved" in a prostitution ring.

Now at this early stage of the game I can understand the grey lady hedging her bets by being vague, but "involved"? Or as their headline puts it -- 'linked"? It makes him sound more like a denizen of the Player's Ball then, say, hunky Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.

Depending on whether the Governor was pimp, john, book-keeper, prostitute or hired muscle, the Post would have it's choice of unsavory innuendo filled headers. Yet, sadly the Post seems to have taken a page from Murdoch's other NYC property The Wall Street Journal and toned it's front page down to a dull roar. On the other hand, the Daily News doesn't give them much competition (see below). Still -- lame photoshopping? Where are your standards?

The overall message in this still-breaking scandal is clear: New York Post, we'll be watching to see what you do tomorrow -- don't let us down!

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