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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Design: New York Auto Show -- Pontiac Solstice Coupe and Sport Truck

Pontiac showed the G8 based Sport Truck concept which is basically an Australian market Holden given the Pontiac treatment, as is it's G8 sibling. It's also the answer to a question no-one is asking. The awkward marriage between car and pickup truck was aesthetically pleasing on some Chevy El Caminos and Ford Rancheros, but it has no Pontiac precedent and the practicality is nil. Is there really a market for people who want the performance of the very cool G8, minus a back seat and any covered secure storage space?

The Solstice Coupe makes marginally more sense (check out that guy's obstructed eyeline in the pic above -- a low roofline will do that) but looks infinitely better. GM's style guys have given the roofed version of Pontiac's already sweet looking convertible a lovely tuchus -- U-shaped rear glass and all. Pity the visibility and headroom are close to nil. At least the center panel comes off for sunny days but where to put it?

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