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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Interspecies Relations: You Know What They Say: Big Foot = Big Crazy Internet Perv

Expose by Noah Mallin

Leon Harris was always a cheery upbeat presence back when he was on CNN and he brings that same twinkle in the eye to his current gig at DC area station WJLA. Recently they unearthed the story of a Stafford, Virginia gentleman who was convicted of trolling cyberspace looking for teenage boys as sex partners. He does have a good excuse though. Seems he was molested as a youngster by a Bigfoot.

As most psychologists will tell you, those that have been molested by Bigfoot (Bigfeet?) at an impressionable age tend to be more likely to molest youngsters as adults. The folks at WJLA do get extra special credit for tracking down Bigfoot experts for comment.

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