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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Music: MTV Bans Gnarls Barkley's New Video -- Not For Epileptics

Gnarls Barkley go gonzo...

Just like some other sites out there, we are a music curating interweb TV station too. This April Gnarls Barkley will release the follow up to their album St. Elsewhere and its megahit earworm "Crazy." Though the new one is named after another TV show, The Odd Couple, they've pretty much dropped the dressing-like-movie-pairs routine for new video "Run."

MTV has taken the unusual step of banning the video because the strobing may cause seizures and other medical maladies due to the so-called Harding Effect (future band-name alert!). Of course the network has pretty much banned all videos in favor of witless reality programming so no harm, no foul. Make sure to bite down hard on your belt before watching!

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