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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

TV: FCC Asses Assess Millions From ABC Over Bare Ass Embarrassment

And where do your filthy minds go when you see this vintage Coppertone ad, FCC? Hmmm?

The FCC, spurred on by bozo Brian Bozell's Parent's Television Council, is going ahead with their proposed fine of $1.4 million fine against 52 ABC stations over an episode of NYPD Blue from 2003. This is despite the parental warning at the beginning of every episode, 10 years of publicity about the show's boundary blurring, and V- Chip enabling. More to the point, would a child's head explode from seeing this scene -- at 10PM no less? Where's the harm. Apparently ninnies like Bozell and dirty minded FCC heads Michael (son of Iraq War salesman Colin) Powell and Kevin Martin believe that children are unaware that posteriors exist. By all means, lets keep it that way.

Or perhaps their is a more sinister thing going on here. The FCC successfully argued that ABC showed "sexual organs" on their broadcast. Sounds like the FCC like to enter an establishment through the back door, if you catch my drift. If you don't, check out the piece on the Washington Post Scrabble puzzle below.

Granted at first I thought the scene featured Facts of Life headmistress Charlotte Rae, in which cause the FCC may have been on solid ground with an emotional distress argument but Charlotte Ross? Perfectly harmless. Perhaps Martin would be willing to negotiate down to the administration of a light spanking to the actress involved by a certain FCC chief.

Here's the horribly offensive scene-- shield thine eyes! Judge for yourself...if you dare!

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