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Friday, January 18, 2008

Politics: Can We Impeach This Guy Yet? Bush Admin Broke the Law By Not Archiving E-Mails

According to today's Washington Post 473 days worth of e-mails were missing from the White House e-mail logs -- which have to be saved by law. In reference to a chart presented behind closed doors by the White House's own internal investigators, Bush shill Tony Fratto explains that "we tried to reconstruct some of the work . . . and could not replicate that or could not authenticate the correctness of the data in that chart."

This of course is not anywhere near a denial of wrongdoing from the most secretive Presidency in history. If this President's name were Clinton the Trent Lotts and Bob Novaks of the world would be foaming at the mouth and baying at the moon for a special prosecutor and a full accounting.

I find it hard to believe that sloppiness was at work here. With barely a year left, it will be up to historians to uncover the true venality and shady dealings that underlie so much of what the Bush administration has done. Once again Bush manages to make Nixon look like an amateur. The Watergate tapes were only missing 18 and a half minutes -- compare that to 473 days!

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Warpublican said...

Bush broke the law?
I'm shocked and dismayed!