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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Politics: Unnamed at Any Speed

No not you, Mike Bloomberg. I know you're not running -- two snaps up!

A Certain Person said yesterday that they would jump into the Presidential race if they could raise $10 million. My initial reaction was to tap out a furious post about the raging egomania of this Certain Person which led him to seriously proclaim that there was no difference between Bush and Gore in 2000 and who duped enough voters into pulling the lever for him to throw a close election to the Supreme Court. Despite the fact that he was monstruosly wrong, he proceeded to run again, to diminishing returns.

Now, obeying his reflection in the mirror, he apparently feels its time to don the mantle once again. His excuse? Kucinich dropped out. What this Certain Person doesn't get is that Kucinich has had a fair shot, particularly in the early goings. Yes he eventually got asked to not show up to debates but that is because his numbers were abysmal (not an excuse I agree with). Be that as it may, the system worked -- voters aren't that interested.

I've decided not to give this Certain Person what it is that they so desperatly crave -- attention. I will not utter their name, nor with any luck will I have to make reference to them again. I do implore all of you out there in Blogsylvania -- do not name him, do not give him the publicity he seeks.

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