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Friday, January 4, 2008

Politics: Obama Brings Politics of Hope to Iowa

The Iowa Caucuses ended last night with not-so-surprising victories from the scrappy challengers of party orthodoxy for both Republicans and Democrats. Mike Huckabee's happy-face religious conservatism triumphed over a divided Republican field as Barack Obama's positivism trumped Hillary Clinton's call for experienced leadership and John Edward's populist-by-way of Matlock-isms.

What did impress was the margin of Obama's victory over his two fellow candidates -- nearly ten points --and a victory speech that was among the best political speeches I've heard in my lifetime. Below is the speech in full. It sags a bit when he gets to thanking the hard-working campaigners on his staff but the beginning and ending are pure gold. If he can keep up the politics of hope and renewal that he so eloquently and movingly laid out last night in New Hampshire the entire tenor of the race for President could change.

Below is his speech in full:

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