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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Design: Space Tourists -- Your Coach is Almost Ready

Lovable hirsute billionaire rogue Sir Ricahrd Branson's Virgin Galactic company today unveiled the craft they intend to use to take paying tourist to the edge of space -- the creatively monikered SpaceShipTwo. This fancy flight-of-fancy flight design is only missing the Moonraker style space station/lovepad to suit Branson's lifestyle -- he's already got his spaceplane tricked out with heart shaped windows a-la 1970's Chevy make-out vans. If the spacecrafts a' rockin' don't ya come a' knockin' etc.

SpaceShipTwo would be launched in air by the custom designed aircraft WhiteKnightTwo (WhiteKnightOne is below):

The in-air de-coupling of the first flight is unlikely before 2009. Here's a clip from Moonraker to tide you over:

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