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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Politics: History is Made -- Edwards Drops Out -- Historic Party Nominee Inevitable

John Edwards is ending his quest for the Presidency, throwing a major monkey wrench into Clinton and Obama's Super Duper Tuesday strategies and ensuring that a major party nominee will for the first time in American history, be either a woman or a black man.

Though Edwards is endorsing no-one for the time being, the timing of this move serves as a boost to Obama. To wit:

1) Hillary's last minute "victory" celebration in Florida last night, a state that was stripped of delegates and in which all of the candidates pledged to refrain from campaigning was meant to capture media time and shift some of the mo' back her way after Obama's rout in South Carolina.
Edwards last hurrah is sucking up that oxygen.

2) The ABC (anyone but Clinton) vote now has only one serious conduit, and the states where Edwards might have been strongest in on Tuesday are states that Obama runs well in.

Mussolini-esque Snowbird Republican Rudy Giuliani also has decided to cut short his sojourn in Florida, having bet everything there and lost spectacularly. Oh Rudy, us New Yorkers could have told you: The more time someone spends with you, whether it be the voters, your ex-wives, or police and firefighters, the more they come to realize you are a major league a-hole.


Warpublican said...

ding! knockout punch!!!!!

Warpublican said...

Which to choose - the lightweight or the war monger?
At least Obama talks pretty...